Aussie Man Wins Gold At International Paper Plane Competition

Making paper planes was kind of a rite of passage as you were growing up.

People would make them in and out of class and throw them into the skies to see who's could fly the longest. Of course, some people claimed that different designs like flaps on the wings would help with lift or a particular nose would make it glide longer.

For most of us, we became adults and left that stuff behind - but not Melbourian Cameron Clark.

The 19-year-old's passion has taken him across the world to the Red Bull Paper Wings World Championships in Austria where he's just won gold in the Longest Airtime Event.

Red Bull describes the event on its website by saying: "Forget kerosene, jet engines and cockpits - Paper Wings takes just one piece of paper and its inventor and pilot's ingenuity and skill, and then challenges them to fly their paper aeroplane further and longer than any of their rivals."

The teenager from Montrose chucked his plane into the air and it glided for a full 13.33 seconds. When it gracefully landed on the ground, people in the audience let out an enormous cheer.

Credit: Joerg Mitter/Red Bull Content Pool
Credit: Joerg Mitter/Red Bull Content Pool

That time was more than a second longer than the bloke who came second, Brit Vince Scholl. That followed by Estonian Marek Lentsius who scored 10.59 seconds.

Cameron got into the sport after hearing there was a qualifying round at his university.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the 19-year-old said: "I thought to myself, 'Why not? It is a bit of fun and I will give it a go'.

"I never thought I would end up at the paper plane world championships in Austria for just throwing planes at university.

"Everyone gets two throws each and Vince's first throw was really good. After my first throw, I was quite nervous because it didn't go so well."

Credit: Red Bull
Credit: Red Bull

So what does the champion say led to his win?

According to Cameron, a stock standard design but with a big wingspan and precise folds helps enormously when you're looking for a long airtime.

"I just wanted to go over and enjoy myself. I wasn't considering placing or even winning so it was crazier when I won," he added to the Mail.

He's kept his paper plane intact and plans to keep it as a bit of a memento alongside his decently sized trophy. Here's hoping he continues the hobby and he'll smash his record at the next meet.

Featured Image Credit: Red Bull

Stewart Perrie

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