Floyd Mayweather Reportedly Spent $25K On Oil Change For His Bugatti

Taking your car to get serviced can sometimes be a bit of a ballache.

You might be coming to the end of a particularly expensive month and you can't even fathom the thought of a mechanic telling you that your car needs something replaced which could set you deep into debt.

Well, thank your lucky stars you're not Floyd Mayweather.

Credit: Floyd Mayweather/Instagram
Credit: Floyd Mayweather/Instagram

This is just one of Mayweather's Bugattis

According to TMZ, the boxer's 'car guy' Obi Okeke, also known as Dr Bugatti, says his triple red Bugatti Grand Sport Convertible is pretty expensive just for the most basic things.

He told the tabloid site: "The Bugatti's getting a major service. You know, $35,000 (£25,311) worth of new tires, $25,000 (£18,079) worth of fluids and an oil change."

Hold on.

A rough standard for an oil change in the UK, according to MyCarNeedsA, is between £50 and £150. The sheer thought that Floyd is forking out what some people would make in a whole year on oil and fluid is mind shattering.

Obi says he sold the luxury car to Mayweather just before his fight with Conor McGregor last year.

It's not as if you can go to any place that sells tires either, with Okeke saying he needed to ensure they arrived safely all the way from France, and they only have a shelf life of three years whether you drive the car or not.

When asked what type of vehicle Mayweather looks for when he's casually shopping for his next set of wheels, Obi said: "He is a very, very, very particular individual and obviously with the amount of cars that Floyd has bought, he's a very, very skilled buyer.

"I can serve up 30 cars and out of those 30 cars, maybe one might work for him. So it's all in the details, it's all in the colour, it's all in the interior.

"He's very mile-y sensitive. Sometimes when Floyd gets a car, if he gets seven to eight thousand miles on it, he'll get rid of that car because he wants something fresh."

Credit: Floyd Mayweather/Instagram
Credit: Floyd Mayweather/Instagram

But don't cry for the 50-0 fighter for having to pay that much for a service - he won roughly $300 million for that bout with McGregor in Las Vegas last year.

He also has plenty of business investments and one quick look over his Instagram shows he spends a lot of money all the time.

In an interview with ESPN in 2015, the 40-year-old revealed he has a cool $15 million worth of luxury cars just sitting in his Vegas home. Over the course of nearly two decades, the undefeated boxer bought more than 100 cars.

So while a simple fluid and oil change costing $25,000 might seem much for us mere mortals, it's barely even a drop in the ocean for him.

Sources: TMZ, Business Insider

Featured Image Credit: Floyd Mayweather/Instagram

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