Remember that fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather back in August? The one which the boxer won to take his undefeated professional winning streak to 50-0, and for which McGregor pocketed a cool £75 million ($98m)?

While most of us would probably be happy with a single payday of merely a tenth of that sum - actually, who are we kidding? We'd take a hundredth - McGregor still wants more. Money, that is. Even though he recently revealed in an interview with the BBC that he earns £500,000 ($653,759) a month when he isn't fighting.


McGregor didn't go into specifics about where that money comes from, but he seemed incredibly keen on becoming even richer than he already is. Currently, the 29 year-old Irishman is the highest paid athlete in mixed martial arts, but he wants to be the highest paid athlete in all sports and becoming a billionaire.

"You know, I just dream of hitting that 'billy' mark, if I'm being honest," he said. "I'm cruising towards the billion-dollar mark... right now, what's next for me is in June to July of next year, will be the next Forbes 100 list, the highest-paid athletes list.

Conor McGregor

Credit: PA

"(Cristiano) Ronaldo was No.1 last year, I was No.24 I believe, with $34m (£26m) in revenue.

"Next year, if it stands as is, Floyd (Mayweather) will be No.1, I'll be No.2 and Ronaldo will be No.3.

"If I fight one or two more times I will overtake him, so that's what I am looking to get, right, that's what my goal is right now. Number one highest-paid athlete Forbes 2018 and then make my way towards the billion dollar mark and then continue to go."


While that might sound slightly greedy, McGregor does actually seem to care about the well-being of other people. At least, that seems to be what he said.

When asked about whether he'd consider getting into politics, he replied: "I like to help people and do my thing from where I'm at. It's already like I am a politician, whatever I say, whatever I do, it's everywhere. If I do good, it blows up everywhere, if I do bad it blows up everywhere.

Conor McGregor

Credit: PA

"I must use my power and my position to do good, I'm not going to seek a title, what would be the purpose of me going into politics, would it be revenue?

"What does a politician earn; £100,000 ($130,757) a year? I'm talking half a million a month. I'm happy where I am, I am the president in my own way."

Words: Mischa Pearlman

Mark McGowan

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