Nokia 9 PureView Smartphones Are 'Triggering' People With Phobia Of Holes

If you've never heard of it before, trypophobia is a fear of holes meaning that things with clusters of holes or bumps will give you the heebie jeebies. Around 11 per cent of the population are affected by it.

Which explains why people are being triggered by the Nokia 9 PureView handset due to it's 'penta-camera' feature. Known in simpler terms to us lot as five camera lenses.

We can hear the shudders of hole-phobics far and wide. Credit: PA
We can hear the shudders of hole-phobics far and wide. Credit: PA

And just when we thought the trypophobics couldn't be bugged anymore, the tech manufacturer has decided to throw in a sixth 'hole' in the form of a light. Oh and another one for good luck which serves as an infrared sensor for detecting depth.

But people seem to be unhappy with the device's features judging by Twitter that is. One person said: "I have got trypophobia & I'm freaking out".

Someone else added: "To the person who tweeted that Nokia phone on my timeline I hate you! That triggered my tyrpophobia so bad".

Another wrote: "Yo, @NokiaMobile! Google #trypophobia before you design your new phone, please. It's all over the tech sites, triggering panic attacks. Don't look up the new Nokia! #MentalHealth."

Others have said that the phone makes their 'skin crawl' with many discovering that they are trypophobic after looking at the pictures that were revealed.

One said: "Let's just say, I didn't know I had trypophobia until I saw this phone."

One study by psychologists Arnold Wilkins and Geoff Cole of the University of Essex found that there could be a pretty sensible reason why these images give some people the creeps.

According to the researchers, many of the world's most deadly and poisonous animals have clusters of holes and bumps on their skin.

Meanwhile, University of Kent postgraduate researcher Tom Kupfer has an additional theory, telling CNN: "Those images look to me like they would be perceived as cues to infectious disease or parasites. I wouldn't be surprised if this is actually a disorder based on disgust and disease avoidance.

"Smallpox alone killed millions of millions of people, so if a human ancestor was predisposed to attend to those bumps, to dislike them and stay away from them, that could provide a survival advantage."

Featured Image Credit: Nokia

Rebecca Shepherd

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