LAD Ruins His Mate's First Date With Hilarious Marriage Proposal Prank

A man has been the victim of possibly the funniest prank you'll hear about today. Basically, his mates arranged for a dessert that carried the phrase 'will you marry me?', written in chocolate, to be brought to his date. Oh, and it was the first date they'd ever been on.

Mates, eh? They are the people who are always there for us, they provide a shoulder to cry on and help us through our darkest times. Or at least, they're supposed to. Sometimes they are cruel, evil, and downright hilarious.

This is one of those occasions.

Here we go. The prankster behind this masterpiece of malevolence is a guy called 'Edgie'. He got wind of his pal Deano's date and decided that he absolutely needed to completely knacker the whole job in.

Edgie by name, Edgie by nature.

It's fair to say that he achieved his goal.

To be quite honest, it didn't look like it was going to plan anyway. The woman was sat about on her phone before the bomb-shell plate arrived. She wasn't impressed.

In fact, she was really really not impressed. She stared around aghast once the plate arrived. Needless to say, it's a no from this lass.

To prove his genius, Edgie shared a video of him calling up the restaurant to arrange the surprise. The unfortunate woman on the phone sounds really excited. If only she knew.

Incidentally, let's spare a thought for the poor person who had to make up the dessert plate. It can't be easy to write anything in chocolate, let alone have it scrutinised for a marriage proposal. That's a hell of a lot of pressure and effort.

Anyway, it went to waste. Hopefully one of the kitchen porters got to eat it all.

Naturally, this stunt has gone down like a dream on the Internet. Edgie even shared a screen shot of his mate's reaction. Deano said: "Worst thing just happened on my date.

"Staff came up with a plate and on it, it had will you marry me in chocolate."

One Twitter commentator said: "Two words! Fucking quality."

Another said: "Quality, and good on him for saying it was a mistake. Why would you want to marry someone who is rude enough to use their phone in a restaurant on their first date?"

That's true enough. However, imagine the mess that he'd have been in if she said yes... or perhaps it could have been the start of a beautiful relationship.

We'll never know.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

Tom Wood

Tom Wood is a freelance journalist and LADbible contributor. He graduated from University of London with a BA in Philosophy before studying for a Masters in Journalism at the University of Salford. He has previously written for the M.E.N Group as well as working for several top professional sports clubs. Contact him on [email protected]

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