Ricky Gervais Says After Life Second Series 'Should Be The Best'

When it comes to writing top class TV, Ricky Gervais is prolific. He of course made his breakthrough with The Office, but since then, he has penned top quality shows such as Extras, Derek and most recently, After Life.

The series received rave reviews from critics and fans alike, and as such, the news that he had begun working on a second season was warmly welcomed.

Now, the 57-year-old writer, actor, comedian and director has only stoked excitement further by claiming that the next season 'should be the best'.

Ricky Gervais first found fame with The Office. Credit: PA
Ricky Gervais first found fame with The Office. Credit: PA

Speaking to Deadline, he said: "It's incredible to be going into a second season with all the love for the first. You shouldn't go into anything again if it isn't at least watched and liked. But this has been extraordinary, I must admit.

"I did finish the first so that it could be the only series. I always do that, in case I die tomorrow [laughs]. So I did it with The Office and with Extras.

"There's always an ending. But as soon as you know you're going to do another one, that's not the ending anymore. It becomes a cliffhanger. That's so lovely as well.

Ricky Gervais says second series of After Life should be better than the first. Credit: Netflix
Ricky Gervais says second series of After Life should be better than the first. Credit: Netflix

"The second series of anything should be the best. You've put all your eggs into one basket, you think, but how well do you know someone after three hours? Right?

"With a second series, you know who you're writing for. You know what worked and what didn't. It's like having six goes at a pilot in the first series, so that first episode of series two should be like fucking hitting the ground running.

"I think I've also got the best cast of any comedy/drama in history. It's incredible. And they're all coming back. It's just so much fun once you've already set up the world. It's all set up for you."

Gervais revealed last month that he had finished writing a first draft of the second season, which he considers to be the halfway point.

As for what the next series has in store, Gervais said there is scope to explore the story further, because depression and grief don't just neatly end with a happily ever after.

He said: "I think that this is sort of like a fable along the lines of It's a Wonderful Life. To prove to someone that life's worth living. There's a bit of Christmas Carol in it. He was Scrooge, and kindness made him realise he was wrong. But of course, Christmas Carol ends on Christmas Day. What happens on Boxing Day? Or on New Year's Eve? Does he keep it up?

"So that's season two. What happens the day after? Because depression doesn't just end. 'Oh good, I have a date with a nurse, I'll never be sad again.' Really? Well, we'll see."

We certainly will, Ricky - and we can't wait.

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