Viral Party Host Corey Worthington Is Back on Screens For Ninja Warrior Appearance

You might not recognise the name, but you'll definitely remember THAT video that shot Corey Worthington to internet notoriety.

And now, 10 years later, he's back.

And he's clearly been absolutely smashing it at the gym in that time, because he's buffed up and he's having a go at the Australian Ninja Warrior.

Sporting a much needed haircut and a few new tattoos, Corey will take on the famously gruelling course on the show which airs on Australia's Nine Network on Sunday 9 July.

Credit: Ninja Warrior/Nine Network
Credit: Ninja Warrior/Nine Network

Corey first exploded onto the world's TV screens aged 16 after he threw a party at his parents house that - it's fair to say - got slightly out of hand.

A police helicopter, dog squad and critical response team had to disperse the crowds of 500 people who had rocked up and began damaging cars and other properties on the street.

Corey ended up with a $20,000 fine and an appearance on the news in a now iconic interview with host Leila McKinnon.

The host quite clearly wanted to give Corey a proper dressing down, but that didn't quite go to plan.

Credit: Ninja Warrior/Nine Network
Credit: Ninja Warrior/Nine Network

He appeared in the television interview wearing a thick jacket while topless underneath, a bright cap and his now famous yellow sunglasses.

When asked to take off his sunglasses to apologise to his parents and 'frightened' neighbours, Corey replied: "Nah, no. I'll leave these on, I like them."

And when McKinnon asked Corey what his parents had said about the ordeal. Corey says: "Well I haven't really talked to them because every time they call I don't answer because they'd probably try to kill me."

With the interview coming to a close, McKinnon asks Corey what he would like to say to other kids thinking of having parties when their parents are out of town.

The then 16-year-old replies: "Get me to do it for you. Best party ever so far."

And now the infamous party animal is going to be tackling the Ninja Warrior course.

Credit: Ninja Warrior/Nine Network
Credit: Ninja Warrior/Nine Network

The Australian version of the show, which began in Japan under the name Sasuke and is now aired in 18 other countries, is co-hosted by Ben Fordham, Rebecca Maddern and Freddie Flintoff.

Fordham said: "There'll be some people who will hate the fact that he's back on their TV screens again but at least this time he's not being a smart-arse to Leila McKinnon."

Talking about Corey's attempt at the course and his 'famous' shades, he added: "I'm not sure that he kept them on [for the full run] because if they had fallen off mid-obstacle and had hit the water it would have been an instant disqualification.

"I'm pretty sure he threw them over at Freddie Flintoff who wore them while Corey was going through the course."

Featured Image Credit: A Current Affair, 9news

Mischa Pearlman

Mischa is a freelance journalist usually based in either New York or London. He has written for Kerrang!, Record Collector, NME, the New York Observer and FLOOD magazine, among others. Contact him at [email protected]

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