People Have Spotted Something Interesting About The New 'Star Wars' Title

Now that the title for the eight episode of Star Wars has finally been revealed, the world of sci-fi is awash with theories, predictions and people shitting themselves with excitement.

Firstly people debated who the last Jedi is, with others reminding people that 'Jedi' is also plural, meaning there could be more than one 'last Jedi'. Many people also decided to create their own opening crawl for the upcoming film - trolling with some made up back story that results in Chewbacca getting over Han Solo's death by selling star dust (galactic narcotic) to Askajians on Tattooine.

Up until it's finally released in December we'll have to make do with viral fan theories, which is okay, because they're all a welcomed form of procrastination from our boring planet.

The latest thing to go viral is something that people think hints at what the film might entail. Originally everyone thought The Last Jedi meant that Luke Skywalker might die, but when you put the previous film's title next to the new one, it sends it in a completely different direction.

There's no confirmation whether the sentence The Force Awakens The Last Jedi has been made on purpose, but previous films suggest not; unless George Lucas was on some hard prescription drugs and thought at one point that A New Hope Empire Strikes Back Return Of The Jedi made sense.

We'll have to wait until the ninth film is announced for us to find out whether or not it's a coincidence, but I do think The Force Awakens The Last Jedi So He Doesn't Jump Ship To Middle Earth Because He's Lost Interest works. Got a ring to it, hasn't it?

Either way, we can't wait for the new story to be told.

When you really can't wait to find out...

Much like these guys couldn't wait last year, when a supposed title was came out.

Just a couple of days after the title was leaked, they managed to break into the set and take some never-before-seen pictures.

The two lads, known as night.scape and hd.xr, clearly couldn't contain their excitement for the next film following the success of The Force Awakens because they decided to break the law to see if they could find out what the creators have in store for us.

"I won't explain exactly how we got in but it took a lot of trekking through forests at 2am," night.scape told us.

"It wasn't too hard to get in. The hardest part was getting through the forests."

When the lads got inside, they were amazed by the things they saw.

It wasn't long before security spoiled their fun and the lads were chased away from the props.

"Security saw us and started chasing us; then we had to sprint back through the forests. Thankfully got away though."

They said it was possibly the best night of their lives.

We wouldn't recommend any of you trying it though; just wait for the film like the rest of us.

Featured Image Credit: Star Wars/Disney

Mark McGowan

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