The World Record Holding Egg Has Started To Crack And Everyone’s Eggcited

The world has collectively laughed over the fact a simple photo of an egg now holds the world record for the most amount of Instagram likes, knocking off Kylie Jenner from the top spot.

What was even more ridiculous was that the account had only one picture and its sole purpose was to clinch that record.

But things have changed.

The account now has two more photos showing the famous egg has started to crack. Is it cracking under the enormous pressure of 50.5 million likes or is this egg going to reveal what's been growing inside?

While we don't have those answers for you right now, people in the comments section have been giving their two cents about what it could mean.

What's hiding underneath the egg? Credit: world_record_egg/Instagram
What's hiding underneath the egg? Credit: world_record_egg/Instagram

"Out comes Kris Jenner," wrote one person, joking that the momager of the Kardashian clan had been secretly trying to top her daughter's record.

"I'm calling it now. This is gonna be the gender reveal for Kylie's new baby," wrote another, which would be a very depressing outcome if the 21-year-old was behind this account all along.

A pattern was certainly forming, with a third person writing: "What if it was Kylie Jenner so she can hold the most liked photo and the second most liked photo

Some people steered the conversation away from the Kardashian/Jenners. One Instagrammer commented saying: "Honestly if Donald Trump hatches from this egg I'm deleting my account."

A more humorous take on the situation was: "Watch the kool-aid guy come out of the egg and scream 'OH YEAH!'"


Now that's something I think we can all get on board with.

Plenty of people were writing egg related puns like 'the suspense is making me crack', 'this is so egg-citing' and 'I think it's hatching a plan'. Classic.

It's also depressing that the latest photo of the egg cracking has got 1.8 million likes in less than an hour and the other one has 8 million after three days. All for a goddamn egg.

None of us could even fathom getting those numbers for a single post.

The eggs in various states of cracking. Credit: world_record_egg/Instagram
The eggs in various states of cracking. Credit: world_record_egg/Instagram

Everyone has been dying to know who the person was behind the account. While we might never know their identity, we do know who was able to get everyone talking about it: Ishan Goel.

He told the Daily Mail: "I won't go into too many specifics about the secret sauce, but I can say that I worked to garner attention for the page on Reddit, reached out to media really early on, and told all of the celebrities and influencers in my network to help push it."

The 19-year-old reckons people got behind the initiative so much because it was a good laugh and wasn't a celebrity or product.

Featured Image Credit: world_record_egg/Instagram

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