Tom Hardy Appears In Very Cryptic Pics From 'Venom' Film Set

Pictures have emerged via a Tom Hardy fan account on Instagram, that seem to show the actor in costume for his role in next year's Venom movie.

Unfortunately, like all of the other photos we have seen coming out of the shoot, they tell us very little. Still, pictures of Tom Hardy though, aren't they?

In fact, we probably learn more about Tom Hardy's love of pulling daft faces for pictures than we do about his character or the movie's plot.

The account - which may or may not be completely unofficial - posted six photos of Hardy pulling faces, flipping the Vs, and looking handsome (if slightly like he needs a good shower).

In one of the more seemingly relevant photos Hardy looks to be wearing military gear, which gives us a clue as to which Venom storyline they are filming.

For anyone unfamiliar with the Marvel character's complicated back story, Venom has starred in a variety of comics and plotlines that could be taken forward into the film.

The title character is actually formed from an alien symbiote (of course) that latches onto humans and gives them special powers (as well as turning them a bit evil and, bizarrely, giving them a massive tongue).


Credit: Marvel

In the comics, the alien initially attaches itself to Spider-Man to make him do all sorts of weird criminal shit, before going on to bond with a failed journalist (don't even go there) called Eddie Brock - at which point Venom was born.

However, the military gear suggests they are going with the later Agent Venom storyline.

Agent Venom
Agent Venom

Credit: Marvel

We know that Tom Hardy is down to play Eddie Brock, but in the Agent Venom storyline, the symbiote's human host is old-skool Marvel favourite Flash Thompson.

In the early Spider-Man comics, Flash was Peter Parker's school bully.

In later years, however, the pair become friends, and after Flash is injured whilst serving in the army he starts wearing the alien suit on secret army missions. He also uses a 'multi-gun' - basically a gun that becomes any gun, or many guns (look it up, it's fucking bad-ass).

Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy

Credit: Instagram / tomhardydotorg

So the question is; are they twisting the storyline to include Eddie Brock instead of Flash Thompson? We all know how well it tends to go when comic book fans see their favourite stories changed in even the slightest way, right?

Oh well, guess we'll find out next year. The film is scheduled to be released on 25 October 2018, and has already got an R rating in the US, so it will be at least a 15 here.

Words: Mike Meehall Wood

Featured Image Credit: Marvel / PA

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