New Documentary Follows Man Who Claims He Lost His Virginity To An Alien

They say you never forget your first time, and that seems to be especially true for David Huggins. The 74 year-old from Hoboken, New Jersey claims he lost his virginity to an alien at the age of 17.

Credit: Love and Saucers / Creator Pictures

In a documentary called Love And Saucers - of course it's called that - Huggins reveals, through a whole series of graphic (and actually pretty good) paintings, his encounter in a forest with the alien woman, whose name is Crescent.

He's apparently been making these paintings since 1987, and while some might say that his pictures of her - not least the full-frontal one - looks like he's just added the traditional X-Files grey-headed alie onto the body of a human, who are we to comment? Maybe that's what naked alien temptresses actually do look like.

Credit: Love and Saucers / Creator Pictures

David - who, kind of oddly, lives with his ex-wife - claims to have been visited by aliens almost constantly since the age of about eight and says he's fathered approximately 60 half-alien, half-human babies.

Describing the first time he had sex - which, just in case you missed it, was with an alien - David recalls the event in vivid detail in the documentary, which we think should probably have been titled The XXX-Files. (No? Pfft.)


Credit: Love and Saucers / Creator Pictures

"I was walking in the woods, and I see a woman sitting under a tree - and she gets up and she starts coming towards me," he explains in the documentary.

"I become very aroused sexually - I couldn't get my pants down fast enough.

"I fall back on the ground and I'm lying there and she's looking at me, and I reach my climax, which was quite painful, actually; it was very intense. And then I'm looking in her eyes and I pass out. Virginity lost."

Credit: Love and Saucers / Creator Pictures

In an interview with the Daily Mail, he expanded on the experience, saying: "The only thing that was different about her was that she had very long fingernails and she had these very large eyes, and her face was very pale."

It's all very intriguing, which is exactly why filmmaker Brad Abrahams decided to make the documentary about David.

"Although I'm still not sure just what to make of David's story," he told the Mirror, "I do know for certain he is a kind, humble, and honest man. And what I do believe is that David is being genuine that he experienced something supernatural."

Credit: Love and Saucers / Creator Pictures

And back on the subject of how many children he had fathered, he told the Art Blog:

"I was taken into a room and it was filled with babies and I had to touch every one.

"The human touch was really important. The first time I touched one of the babies, static electricity jumped from my hand to the baby.

"This was right before I touched it and I pulled back and said to the insect-being, 'Wow, did you see that?'"

'Insect-being'? This is all very intense.

Words: Mischa Pearlman

Featured Image Credit: Love and Saucers / Creator Pictures

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