Gordon Ramsay Show Reveals The Shocking Ingredients That Go Into Cocaine

Has your curious mind ever wondered what goes into cocaine? What process and 'ingredients' are used to make the popular drug? Who makes it? And where? So many questions.

Well, now, thanks to Gordon Ramsay and his ITV documentary, Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine, the whole process has been revealed and it's even more grim than you might have previously thought.

Chef Gordon Ramsay checked out a different kind of cooking. Credit: ITV/Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine

Gordon met up with a cocaine maker in the Colombian wilderness to find out how the drug is created.

But, viewers might have been shocked to find out just what goes into making cocaine - Gordon certainly was.

"I've cooked some serious shit in my life and been to some extraordinary places, but nothing quite on this level," Gordon comments as he sees the producer in action.

So, what does go into it? Well, unsurprisingly, it begins with the man chopping and crushing coca leaves - cocaine's main ingredient.

Gordon couldn't believe what he was seeing. Credit: ITV/Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine

The guy then takes the leaves into a pit to process them, it's here he covers them in cement. He then mixes in sulphuric acid which has been mixed with water - yup, sulphuric acid. Its at this point that Gordon's eye begin to water. Clearly the fella who is making it is a lot more used to the whole thing, as he seems to take it in his stride.

At this point it's almost like the man is trying to see how many deadly chemicals he can use in this process, but, he's not ready to stop yet. He separates the cocaine from the petrol by using battery acid.

Here's one he made earlier. Credit: PA

He's then left with 'cocaine water', which he siphons off and adds bicarbonate of soda to, to help remove the chemicals.

This is all then left to dry, before being cooked in an additional attempt to remove more of the chemicals. It's then packaged up and sold on to other people, who are known to cut it with all manner of other shit - from caffeine to talcum powder. It's then bagged up and sold to punters who probably, until now, had no idea about its creation.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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