‘Walking Dead’ Fans Are Confused Over Judith’s Age And Maggie’s Pregnancy

We all know that TV shows sometimes bend the laws of reality like space and time; you know, those casual aspects of our world. But even though these shows are listed as fictional, it doesn't stop us from pointing out some big plot holes.

That couldn't be more apparent for the fans of The Walking Dead who know that the character Maggie (Lauren Cohan) has been pregnant with Glenn's (Steven Yeun) baby since season six. But in the first episode of season eight, Mercy, young Judith was a toddler, yet Maggie hadn't even started showing her baby bump.

Credit: AMC

It doesn't help that The Walking Dead engages in the odd fast-forward to a grey-haired Rick from time to time, confusing the audience about what they're actually looking at. But that aside, fans are really confused that Judith appears to be aging normally and yet Maggie is stuck in time.

One person wrote: "Has the flash been messing with the #WalkingDead timeline. Judith is like four and Maggie isn't even showing yet?"

Another Twitter user said: "Based on the age of Judith, Maggie is doing a fine job of hiding the three-year-old baby bump!"

While this person summed it up with: "So Rick has grey hair, Judith is damn near ready for pre-k but Maggie's baby bump ain't showing yet? Come on with the fuckery."

Others say the mistake is disappointing and confusing and it appears there is no definitive answer one why there is such a disparity in their timelines. But Mercy did have a cheeky little indication of where the show is heading.

In a flash-forward, Rick and Judith were even older and it's reportedly after the war between the protagonist and Negan's group is over.

Episode director Greg Nicotero told Insider: "I don't know if we've ever really sort of worked out the exact timeline in terms of exactly how many years in the future it is, but Alexandria's a pretty exciting, great, thriving community.

"That will unfold as the series continues."

Whether that comes at the price of other main characters having to be killed off is yet to be determined. Showrunner Scott M. Gimple has said: "These characters will be forever changed by this conflict, and hopefully it will end in certain ways that will surprise all of you."

Creator Robert Kirkman says he wants the show to last for at least 12 seasons and we've only just started with the eighth instalment, so there could be many twists and turns left to come.

Sources: Insider

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