If you're struggling to think of a birthday present for one or both of your parents (or maybe your grandparents), why not be a cheap bastard and find some old pictures and recreate them?

It's actually a brilliant idea, it shows how much you've change and is a really sweet and thoughtful present. Plus it shows that you're really funny and totally original and interesting.


Anyway, let's take a look at some of the best offerings from the Internet.

This pair of siblings attempted to recreate a brilliant image of them as kids. To be fair, the bloke looks pretty similar in both pictures, whereas the girl looks completely different.


This one is, well, terrifying. The guy on the right looks like if Jim Carrey's character, Lloyd, from Dumb and Dumber, grew up in some kind of witness protection program.

Credit: tyrol13

I love the amount of effort that went into this one. They bought specific tops to attempt to match the first picture as closely as possible. The most distracting thing about this picture has to be the man's legs in the second picture. That hair really grew in, didn't it?

Credit: Imgur

Once again, strong outfit selection from everyone involved in this photo. Plus, the fact they've taken the time to go to the exact spot of the first picture is commendable.

Credit: Imgur

These LADs got their mum involved, which is pretty adorable. It was for their dad's birthday. The guy on the far right absolutely nailed the 'I'm in a mood, piss off' look.


These LADs did it for the Facebook likes. This picture was captioned: "Got a lot of positive feedback on FB for this childhood recreation pic of me, my brother and two cousins."


These LADs wrote: "Made my mom laugh more than I've ever seen." These pictures were taken 18 years apart; nice to see the lawn's quality has drastically improved.

Credit: Claybotron

I don't know much about this picture, other than the amount of facial hair has gone up at an alarming rate. If this carries on, they'll be absolutely covered with hair from top to bottom by 2025.

Credit: Tumblr

If you think you and your siblings could do a better job, send us in your attempts to [email protected]

Featured Image Credit: Imgur

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