Truck Gets Revenge On Corvette Driver Refusing To Let Him Out

Sometimes, people just get what they deserve. Not always, but sometimes the universe smiles upon those who have been wronged and grants them a small favour.

On this occasion, the beneficiary of such an act of karmic realignment was the driver of a Dodge truck in the USA.

Motorway driving can be stressful, and it's made even more so if the driver of a flashy red Corvette sports car won't let you merge lanes to get onto the road. Hell, it's even more stressful than that if they then try to wind down the window and give you the finger.

However, on this occasion, the truck driver revved his engine and filled the guy's car with black smoke exactly right through his open window. Like I said, sometimes, the universe finds a way.

Luckily for us, the whole thing was captured on video by a guy who was in another car.

The guy who managed to film it seemed to find the whole thing pretty amusing too - he can be heard laughing at the guy driving the Corvette as the smoke billows around him and takes quite a while to clear away.

It seems as if the Dodge pick-up truck driver then managed to get across into the lane that he wanted to merge into anyway. Good for him.

This whole affair took place on a road near Tacoma, Washington state, and it looks as if both of the protagonists are locals too. They both have Washington licence plates, at least.

Because everyone likes to see someone acting like a dickhead get what is coming to them, the video has gone viral and has been watched more than half a million times and shared more than 7,200 times.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Let that be a lesson to anyone who is driving inconsiderately. You might as well let the other driver go, at the end of the day you'll only lose a couple of seconds of your life, and you will not get a face full of billowing smoke as you try to compound the other driver's misery by flipping them off.

The guy who posted the clip to YouTube explained: "I was driving through traffic near Seattle and noticed a Corvette not wanting to let a Dodge merge over into the lane, so the Dodge pulled beside him,

"As the Corvette driving was rolling down his window and went to flip him off, the Dodge owner coaled him with so much smoke you couldn't even see the driver in the car. He did end up letting the truck over."

Good stuff, and a valuable lesson for us all.

Featured Image Credit: PA

Tom Wood

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