Hugh Jackman just seems like the kind of guy you'd want to have a beer with. He's got one of those faces. I reckon if you left your wallet at home, he'd pay for the drinks all night and refuse to let you pay him back.

One such time he proved his LADness was when the Aussie, who used to be a P.E. teacher, was interviewed by a former student while he was on the red carpet at the 2013 Zurich Film Festival to collect a Golden Icon award.

Rollo Ross, who now works in the media, used to be taught by Hugh while he studied at Uppingham School in Rutland back in 1987.

Credit: Storyful

As you can see from the video above, Rollo asked Hugh about what makes him angry, to which he replied: "Students who don't really listen, the kind of students who don't bring their kit and the kind of students who don't jump in the pool when I tell them to. That's what makes me angry, Rollo!"

He then asks: "How is your education going? Did I set you up for life?" Rollo replied: "Oh, yes, definitely!"

It ended on a particularly funny note when Hugh quipped: "You've got a nice shade of red there, Rollo."

What a legend.

Featured Image Credit: Storyful

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