In the manual of 'we've all been there', part one includes: An outrageous moment occurs and you swear for the first time in front of your parents.

In part two: You've fired off a rather risky text and BAM! You look up to realise you've sent it to the wrong person.

Both are met by severe silence, a panic, and a cold sweat. What the hell do you do next?

Pretend it never happened? Laugh it off? Apologise profusely? Thirteen-year-old Jack Robertson managed to complete both parts as he text his Dad one simple word - c**t.

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You can sense that Jack is in the middle of a lengthy conversation with his mate, but then hasn't heard from him for a few minutes, so goes to check his phone to make sure the message sent.

Oh, the message sent alright... to his dad! Cue, that feeling you get when you know you've locked yourself out of the flat but are sure there is a non-existent solution.

"Sorry I was meant to send that to my friend and ask him what that meant," Jack instantly covers his tracks.

"But now I know and I'm sorry for texting you it. I'm never gonna repeat it," he adds. The double kiss to help soften the blow.

Eight minutes pass by. By now his heart is probably racing. It's a bit like texting your crush at high school and realising instantly that you'll be mocked in double chemistry the next day.

"I really am sorry Dad. I didn't know what it meant," he continues. Still nothing. Then comes the whopper. Almost in tears at this point... the big soppy apology.

"I can understand that you are probably foaming angry with me right now but I honestly didn't know what the word meant and I didn't realise it was the wrong person I text. I really am sorry dad."

Jack's dad, Chris, was at a christening at this point, and hours later responds... brilliantly so.

Credit: Caters

Credit: Caters

A string of memes and emojis, and an element of sarcasm in his reply.

"You've crossed a line jack and will be dealt with accordingly," he begins. "Don't even think about not coming over here on Friday because you will be delaying the inevitable. You swore a few weeks ago and I said that one was for free. You're going to pay for this big time."

Jack must have absolutely shat himself. His dad must have revelled in every single minute.

"I was angry because I thought I brought him up better than that. I didn't think he should be using words like that but I remember when I was his age it was pretty cool to swear," Craig explained.

"I knew exactly how to dish out the punishment," he added. "He's addicted to his iPad so for the weekend I had it, as well as his phone. I made him tidy his room because it's a hole. If he ever wants to see 14 then I would suggest he holds his tongue and watches who he texts."

It seems that when it comes to ripping kids apart, dads do have a first-class degree in it.

Remember this poor kid? Desperate to get back with an ex of two years, he went for the last move... texting her dad.

It would seem the father did not take too kindly to some 'badass'.

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