Gordon Ramsay Tears Chef To Pieces Because He Can’t Boil An Egg

You would have to be really confident in your cooking to agree to allowing Gordon Ramsay to come in and review your food.

But it appears that some are willing to take the plunge to help revive their struggling business in Ramsay's Hotel Hell TV show. One episode focuses on John and Tina's Roosevelt Inn, a bed and breakfast in Idaho.

Before the cooking even gets underway, John tells Gordon they are $1.1 million (£839,000) in debt after purchasing and renovating the property. Tina reveals that she was very upset that John bought it and made her leave her job in a dental office. She says not only is the business struggling but also their marriage.

But you're here for the good stuff, so without further ado.

Credit: Hotel Hell/Fox

He sits down to eat a five-course set menu, which starts out with a 'sad looking' shrimp cocktail. Up next was a pecan encrusted salmon dish with broccoli and potatoes, which Ramsay describes as 'dreadful and very dry'.

Most chefs would take note and think about how they can freshen up their food, but not John. He says: "I'm going to kill him. I just want Gordon to take a long walk off a short pier. I want him to fall into a deep pit."

Gordon comes up with an idea to see just how good John's cooking skills are: boil an egg. Seems pretty simple, some of us would do that every day for breakfast, so surely this can be done.

Unfortunately for John, he manages to stuff it up and admits that it probably could've used another two minutes.

Ramsay loses it over a boiled egg
Ramsay loses it over a boiled egg

Credit: Hotel Hell/Fox

But then the savagery starts. Gordon walks into the kitchen and asks if he's taking the piss with tonight's meal. John hits back saying: "You want a fried egg? You want French toast? How about some pancakes?"

The 50-year-old just calmly calls him a 'fucking joke'.

He adds: "I'm disgusted in your performance. Your big problem is you can't handle the truth, you don't like hearing it. This is a joke.

"Think about your wife, you're in to $1.1 million of debt. You're forcing her to live in hell, she's telling me that. Just think of the last 13 years and what you've fucking done. And not to you, to everyone else standing behind you."

Someone alert the Academy Awards that they should consider Gordon for a nomination for that delivery.

Featured Image Credit: Hotel Hell/Fox

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