Cakes are the symbol of happiness. Nobody who receives a cake has ever read its message and questioned its meaning.

'Happy Birthday'. 'Sorry you're leaving'. 'Congratulations'.

Every one of those is standard.

However, a Baskin Robbins (a company famed more for its ice-cream) worker certainly had to check twice about the message she was asked to write for one customer.

If you don't know the idea, the shop allows customers to 'customise' their cakes. At this stage the request seems pretty normal.

Credit: IMGUR/snickles19

Reading down the request form, an Oreo flavour ice cream is selected. Nice. A white chocolate flavoured cake. Scrumptious.

The icing is to be white with a blue border. Classy.

Then we get to the message. Hmmm.

"Happy Birthday Daddy. Get ready to eat this cake like you eat me," it reads. "If possible can you put two emoji's: wet drops and a tongue."

Credit: IMGUR/snickles19

The request was made readily available on Reddit after the boyfriend of the Baskin Robbins worker shared it.

We can see Mary Berry running for the hills right now. Her innocent world turned upside down.

The cake was baked, (largely) as instructed, but when it arrived on the scene it wasn't quite what they had in mind.

It would appear the message had been slightly changed.

Credit: IMGUR/snickles19

Now, if you've read through this article and thought: 'hey it's not THAT bad' - then we probably should question how dirty is your mind.

Here's a test then. Look at the below image...

Credit: Facebook/Baoxiao Commune

The photograph caused quite a stir in 2016 when a web user named 'Hua Song' uploaded the image to the Baoziao Commune Facebook group.

The user claimed in his post that he had wanted to buy a new bedding set the day before.

But when the boss of the company sent him a picture of one of its products, Hua thought he had got more than he bargained for.

An age-old phrase, but it's only dirty to the dirty minded!

Featured Image Credit: IMGUR/snickles19

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