A rabbi, a priest and an atheist walk into a bar and the barman asks: "How come you guys are in here and not in front of a camera for the purposes of a YouTube video in which you all smoke weed and talk about your differences that you'll find out, ultimately, unite you?"

OK, so I'm not good at jokes, but that is exactly what happened recently on the ol' internet.

Image: Strange Bud/YouTube

A rabbi, a Catholic priest and atheist (well, disillusioned Christian) called Carlos came together to debate the injustices of the world over first a bong hit followed by a zoot.

It goes against the age-old rule that you shouldn't discuss sex, politics or religion at a social gathering.

Image: Strange Bud/YouTube

The result is surprising. Instead of all being at each others' necks over whose beliefs are better than others, the three manage to level with one another - though that might be something to with the 'grass', or so the kids tell me.

Video: Strange Bud/YouTube

What starts with Carlos enlightening the priest and rabbi on how to rip a bong ends with him receiving blessings from the two men of God. The Rabbi says a prayer and the priest marks a weed-ash Wednesday cross on his forehead.

God bless us all and this video.

Featured Image Credit: Strange Bud/YouTube

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