Right, there's a new £5 note that was released by the Bank of England today, which features an image of wartime leader Winston Churchill, as well as the queen on the other side, as standard. Not just that, unlike previous notes, this one's made of a special material called Polymer.

They are harder to counterfeit due to a see-through window and a gold and silver foil. And the polymer material means the new notes are more durable, waterproof and can be recycled when they reach the end of their shelf-life.

This has led some to label the note 'indestructible'.

Fuck that, we thought at TheLADbible, we'll see about that...

First we tried ripping it, to no avail - which I guess means that it won't end up ripping apart in your pockets like previous notes have tended to. So no more having to sellotape them up and take them into the bank to exchange them.

Then we submerged it in water for a minute, which it withstood - meaning it'll probably be able to make it through the washing machine in one piece.

Right, time to bring out the big guns we thought, licking our lips and bringing out an axe. But even smashing it with that didn't faze the note.


Finally, we decided it was time to test it out against the most indestructible thing in known existence: the Nokia 3310. We smashed the phone against it, but even still the note came out on top.

Fair play, I guess the fiver wins this round.

James Dawson

JD here chillin' 2k16.

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