Alfie Allen has got a bad reputation in his real life because he plays the castrated Theon Greyjoy in Game of Thrones. By all assumptions he still has all his manhood intact, but a cheeky Northern Irish teen wanted to poke some fun when she saw him walking around department store Selfridges in London.

Olivia Bowes posted this picture on Instagram, with the caption: "Unlike Theon I grew some balls and asked for a photo."

The picture soon wound up on other social networking sites like Twitter, where people thought it was hilariously savage.

But the savagery wasn't over.

Alfie Allen wanted to have the last laugh and commented on the post.

Olivia tells LADbible: "I was sat in Selfridges cafe in London because I was on a day trip to London for a US immigration meeting, when my mum said, 'We haven't seen any famous people yet'. Literally two minutes later he walks in to order some food.

"I didn't initially believe it was him because he was just in a massive jumper with his hair shaggy. I showed a photo of him to my mum because she didn't have a clue who he is. So he gets his food and brings it to get table when my mum shouts to him, 'Alfie! My daughter is a big fan can she have a selfie?'

"My back was to him so I didn't even realise he was now behind me. I would have asked after he had finished his lunch but she beat me to it.

"He looked around as if to make sure a mob won't form if he takes the photo. He does it and I say thanks and then he just has lunch.

Theon Greyjoy as Reek. HBO

"I definitely didn't take his comment as being rude or a dig at me, it was just something witty to respond to my snarky caption."

The 17-year-old says people on social media have been calling her a 'bitch' for the caption, but she reckons they just wanted to get Alfie's attention. The Northern Irish teen also thought it was funny that you can see his small finger, aka Littlefinger, over her shoulder.

She says her friends have been saying she's been 'wrecked by reek'. Genius.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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