A day will come when there is a definitive answer to the question: 'Which is better: Pointless or The Chase', but today is not that day. Today is not a day when someone gives an incredibly stupid answer that it infuriates the entire nation, either. Instead, today is a day when a man's incessant rants about football have a positive effect on his missus.

Sisters Jo and Tasha found themselves in the Pointless final, where they were quizzed with Euro 2000 goalscorers, Brit award winners and actors from Snatch.

By their own admission the pair aren't huge footy fans, but straight off the bat Jo wanted to lock in an answer for a player who scored during the 2000 European Championships - Henrik Larsson.

Credit: BBC

The reason why is incredible, and is thanks to her boyfriend Alex. "My boyfriend Alex is a massive Celtic supporter and he knows I'm rubbish with names," Tasha said after the former footballer landed her a pointless answer. "So he said 'anything football-related, he's played for Man U, he's played for Celtic and Barcelona.

"And he just said 'Go for Henrik Larsson', and it's paid off!"

The answer landed the two sisters a jackpot of £2,250, which I hope is being spent on a full scale statue of the Swedish footballer.

Above all else, this is proof that rambling on about footy, or any sport for that matter, to your significant other, no matter how much they hate it, is beneficial for everyone involved.

Featured Image Credit: BBC/PA

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