Never work with children or animals. That's one of the first rules of TV. Maybe the secret second rule is: lock your doors when you're doing a live broadcast from home.

Otherwise you could end up like BBC correspondent Professor Robert E Kelly who was taking part in a live broadcast from Busan about the very serious matter of the impeachment of the South Korean president.

Credit: BBC

Do his kids care about the impeachment of Park Geun-hye, though? Do they balls.

They come crashing through the door like a pair of drunks who've just smelt a pizza cooking from the kitchen.

The toddler swings their arms around, almost like they know they're going to go super viral. Robert attempts to shove the child out of view but it's too late.

Next thing you know, a baby in a walker strides in with the confidence of Jeremy bloody Clarkson. I don't know about you, but I've never seen a baby that in control of a walker and I'm seriously impressed.

The mum then crashes in and drags the children from the room, knocking books flying as Robert pulls a face. Soz, dad.

Credit: Facebook

Well, Professor Kelly's mum has now waded into the discussion, similar to a baby in a walker, and revealed the reason why the kids decided to crash into the room.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Ellen Kelly said: "Robert usually Skypes with us from his home office, which is where he did the interview.

"The kids probably heard voices coming from the computer and assumed it was us.

"It was just hilarious."

She added that she was proud of her son, however she gave her own piece of advice: "Life happens. The lesson is to lock the door."

Lesson learnt.

Featured Image Credit: BBC/Facebook

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