Jake Gyllenhaal Goes To Extreme Lengths To Prove He And Ryan Reynolds Are Mates

For some reason people really lap up the idea of two celebrities being mates.

Weirdly, the idea of two public figures, who are thought of as living in a completely different world to us, going for a coffee or a beer is unbelievable news.

So much so that Jake Gyllenhaal went to extreme lengths to prove that he and fellow actor Ryan Reynolds are mates.

You and your best mate are pretty shite in comparison. Credit: PA

The pair are currently reveling in the release of Life, a film which sees them board the International Space Station discover a rapidly evolving life form. Appearing on the Late Night with Seth Meyers Gyllenhaal discussed the movie, as well as his relationship with co-star Reynolds.

Seth says to the star: "People are fascinated by the idea that you two could actually be friends. There's a thing where people are like 'I'd love it if those guys were friends in real life'."

The Brokeback Mountain star went on to say that he does feel like he and his contemporaries are perhaps kept apart, but that he could get Reynolds on FaceTime.

Sadly, it looked like it wouldn't happen, as after two failed calls the pair gave up trying to contact the Deadpool hero.

The interview ticked on, and, after it had finished, low and behold, Reynolds called his mate back...

Credit: NBC/Late Night with Seth Meyers

The 36-year-old shows off his Canadian buddy to the studio audience, stealing Meyer's desk to have a chat.

In true Reynolds fashion, he was jokey about how he was out and about taking his kids for a walk in their pram. He signed off by saying he's off to get his lips done, before waving goodbye to the audience.

A good pair of guys. And as if their chemistry here wasn't enough, they recently displayed it in another hilarious clip.

Firstly, they had an interview with Fox 5's entertainment reporter, Kevin McCarthy, who seems to handle the pair's in-jokes and general aloofness with a kind of professionalism I can only ever hope to achieve.

I imagine if I was sat there interviewing them, I'd go bright red and giggle like a schoolgirl before passing out. Their humour is intimidating, okay?!

As you can see, Kevin brings them in gifts and Jake throws it straight over his shoulder. You can imagine that doing hundreds of these interviews every day does start to take it out of you eventually, so you can't blame them for injecting a bit of fun into them.

They then start going on about the fact they've got their names on their chairs. The poor interviewer is desperately trying to talk about 'big oners' (which is one long continuous shot) but the pair can't help but piss themselves laughing about the term. You have to watch it to get just how funny this is.

It seems that it wasn't only Kevin who was subjected to their odd humour.

Next up was Chris Van Vliet, an interviewer from WSVN-TV who, despite asking legitimate questions, was given answers referring to the Muppets, Fraggle Rock and the pair's biggest fears.

To be honest, if this sort of chemistry is half as good in Life, then it looks as if it's going to be a good watch.

Life was released today in the UK, so if you've got no Friday night plans, get yourself a ticket and a Tango Ice Blast, the certified king of the resfreshment world.

Featured Image Credit: NBC/Late Night with Seth Meyers ​

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