Mum Goes From Worried To Mortified After Finding Mysterious Mark In Baby's Mouth

It goes without saying that you want your kid to be in good health. Which is why when a mum discovered a large black mark in the roof of her baby's mouth, she was understandably concerned.

Darian Depreta, from the United States, was playing with her baby girl Bella when she noticed the huge circular mark. After trying to wipe it off, she took her straight to the doctors to find out what the problem was.

Credit: Darian Depreta/Facebook
Credit: Darian Depreta/Facebook

However, even the GP couldn't figure out it out and said it was probably a birthmark, leading to Darian and the doctor having an angry exchange.

She said: "I'm now being told that my daughter will be set up with 2 specialists. After insisting it wasn't a birthmark on the roof of her mouth, the NP decided to take another look at this medical mystery.

"I point out it looks a little white on the side and she really gets in there trying to scrape it."

It's at this point they all realised what this mystery mark really was... a piece of cardboard.

Credit: Darian Depreta/Facebook
Credit: Darian Depreta/Facebook

Yes, after all of the worrying and crying, the mum-of-two was left embarrassed when the doctors discovered it was a chunk of cardboard from a box Bella had chewed that became lodged to the roof of her mouth. Still, she was a good sport about it.

"I can never show my face in that office again. I cried/laughed for a solid 5 minutes straight," she added.

In a Facebook post, the mum expressed the myriad of emotions she felt at making the unlikely discovery.

Credit: Darian Depreta/Facebook
Credit: Darian Depreta/Facebook

"Yes she could have choked on it and I'm thanking God she did not," Darian wrote. "The only reason it was posted was because after crying, panicking and trying to figure out what it was (the doctors didn't even know), she was ok.

"The laugh was after the storm of it all.

"And I don't 'let' my baby chew on cardboard. She's teething and tries to chew on EVERYTHING.

"She just so happened to find a box while I was loading the dishwasher, which I of course took off of her right away.

Credit: Darian Depreta/Facebook
Credit: Darian Depreta/Facebook

"I just didn't realise a piece got stuck up there. I checked her mouth for small pieces right away."

Sounds like this was a true mistake on Darian's behalf. Anyone who knows what it's like to have a teething baby on their hands will understand.

Featured Image Credit: Darian Depreta / Facebook

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