Photo Advertising 'Degree In Mansplaining' At University of Adelaide Goes Viral

You can basically do a degree in anything these days. Klingon, dog psychology, you name it.

Well, now an Australian university seems to be offering a degree in mansplaining.

Obviously, they're not actually doing that - that would be silly - but the University of Adelaide has come under fire from social media users for a piece of unfortunate advertising that shows a man holding court as several women stand around, hanging on his every word.

I say 'hanging on his every word' - some of the women look like there are places that they'd rather be.

Credit: Instagram/shitadelaide
Credit: Instagram/shitadelaide

For those who don't know, mansplaining is when a bloke tries to explain something to a woman (or a group of women) in a condescending and patronising way - ignoring the fact that the women involved may (and invariably do) already know about whatever is being explained to them.

Since being posted on an Instagram account that is rather aptly called 'Shit Adelaide' the photo has gone viral around the globe with people suggesting that the university is offering some sort of mansplaining course.

The original post said: "@eightpercentjazz has noticed that our innovative education precinct is now offering a Master of Mansplaining..."

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

Another posed a vital question:

Credit: Twitter
Credit: Twitter

It's a minefield mate, probably better not to get involved.

As for the University of Adelaide, they were quick to point out that the picture is not actually an advert for their university. It is, in fact, an advert made by the Government of South Australia.

So, it's just a misunderstanding that has spiralled out of control and now makes the university look a little bit silly.

They responded to the social media storm, telling Australian news website Mamamia: While the angle of that photo suggests this is a University of Adelaide image (because our logo is in the frame), the image was not supplied by or approved by the University.

"We recommend you direct your enquiries to Renewal SA (see the bottom right corner of the pic)."

Either way - whoops.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/shitadelaide

Tom Wood

Tom Wood is a freelance journalist and LADbible contributor. He graduated from University of London with a BA in Philosophy before studying for a Masters in Journalism at the University of Salford. He has previously written for the M.E.N Group as well as working for several top professional sports clubs. Contact him on [email protected]

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