Apparently, to children, what John Cena eats is an area of interest. Personally I'm far more invested in someone locating the elusive wrestler, and letting us all finally lay our eyes on him and see him, but that's just me.

In a video that allegedly features Cena, though there are no official reports of whether he is there or not, the answer to what his favourite food is answered.

Despite the fact the question was asked by a young kid, a voice came from nowhere, thought to be Cena's, who answered that his favourite thing to eat is Nikki Bella, or certainly inferred it.

Obviously, we ain't talking no cannibal Silence of the Lambs shit here, we're talking about the stuff kids definitely aren't supposed to see.

He says: "What's my favourite food? Well if I were to have Nicole stand up this time, I couldn't show you.

"Don't worry, you're gonna get that in 15 years and it's going to be funny."

Almost instantly the two Bella twins look mortified as Daniel Bryan finds it hilarious. If you could see John, you'd imagine that he has a look of regret on his face the moment he says it.

Featured image credit: Nai Wang

Mark McGowan

"Mark McGowan has never made a bad batch of scrambled eggs." - Mark McGowan, 28/09/13

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