See this? It's a picture of a young woman, taking a harmless mirror selfie prior to a night out.

OK, cool. That the end of it? Nah. Check out the full thing.

Dang. Look at the kip of that bedroom floor. Don't get me wrong, I've been horribly negligent of my own bedroom floor growing up, but still, this is a bit much, isn't it?

People on Twitter picked up on it, quickly turning one regular, run of the mill, pre-dinner selfie into a viral knees-up with every Tom, Dick or Harry having their say.

"Good lord look at that room. i [sic] pray for whoever marries you," one user wrote.

"My mom would've said "yo ass ain't goin [sic] no where [sic] till this damn room clean,'" another added.

OK, cool. That the end of it? Nah. Check out the far-left corner. You see it? You see that mouse, lads? There's a fucking mouse in her room it's that much of a shit-tip.

One user hilariously pointed it, quite literally, with the help of a hand emoji.

OK, cool. That the end of it? Yes, it is. Have a good weekend, guys. I. Am. Outta here!

Featured image credit: Twitter

Josh Teal

U wot m8

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