Touching Moment Man Discovers He's Going To Become A Father

There are many ways to find out that you're about to have a baby.

You could get a panicked phone call from someone who you haven't spoken to in nine months or so, you could endure a few weeks or a a nervous conversation with your partner that ends in a moment of truth, or you can simply be handed a pamphlet that reads 'So you've ruined your life'.

Of course, these are all negative - while the vast majority of people having kids obviously want to have them and generally being pleased to get the news.

Even among that cohort, the guy in this video might be the among the most enthusiastic that I've ever seen.

While the way in which he reacts is understandably cute, you have to feel for him that his partner has filmed the whole bloody thing.

He jumps up and down, runs around and eventually rugby tackles his partner, taking her down in a mega hug that might not be advisable now that she's carrying his child.

Her glances into the corner, where the camera is stationed, suggests that she might be slightly embarrassed that she managed to capture such a life-changing moment in such a hilarious way.

The video was posted to YouTube and Reddit, with markedly different reactions on the two different social media sites.

YouTubers were very positive, posting comments that showed affection for the young couple and their little bundle of joy.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

"God bless you! That's real happiness! Good luck in your journey," wrote one user, while another added "If they're in love and financially stable to support a child, why shouldn't they?"

Over on Reddit though, the mood was predictably more cynical.

"And videos like this confirm that I don't want to be a parent, because there's no fucking way id react like that," wrote one Redditor.

"As a father of two I can not imagine being this excited to be having a child. Even when I found out about our first kid I was just like 'Oh, cool'," wrote one world-weary Dad.

And if he's going to be a proper Dad, surely he should get practising on the best possible way to embarrass his kid - before they're even born.

Mike Wood

Mike Meehall Wood is a freelance journalist and translator. He writes for LADbible, VICE and countless sports publications, focusing on rugby league, football and boxing. He is a graduate of Leeds University and maintains a fizzy pop obsession. Contact Mike at [email protected]

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