Dr Pimple Popper Has Announced That She Is Releasing A Board Game

If you haven't been introduced to Dr Pimple Popper then, well, good for you.

If you are unfortunate enough to know who she is, then allow me a brief moment to explain to those who don't: she's Sandra Lee, a 47-year-old doctor and dermatologist from California who has been educating/grossing out people about skin care over the internet for years now.

She's developed quite the following, with nearly four million subscribers on YouTube, 2.8 million Instagram followers and 90,000 Twitter followers, all of whom tune in to watch her do exactly what she promises with her name - pop pimples.

Dr Lee has now announced her latest venture - a board game. Named Pimple Pete, it involves a giant zit in the middle of the board that intermittently explodes as players play along with a game not dissimilar to Operation.

Credit: Spin Master
Credit: Spin Master

Players attempt to pop spots on Pete's head, flicking a spinner that tells them which part of the head to target before they attempt to pop the zit. If they do it too hard, they get drenched by a big zit on his nose that is filled with water.

As the description on the box has it: "Turn after turn the anticipation and nervous giggles increase as players wait to see who might be squirted with a surprise burst of pimple juice!"

It's gross, of course, but I guess that's the point. If you're so inclined, you'll be able to buy it as of the start of August.

Lee has also announced that she's moving into television soon, with a show on TLC in which she helps real life people with their skin care problems.

Credit: Instagram/Dr Pimple Popper
Credit: Instagram/Dr Pimple Popper

"In the series, we follow the patients," explained Lee.

"I don't really see this in my practice. I don't really see how a bump on someone really affects his or her life. So it's really nice to see this go full circle.

"Even though, to some people, it might be considered kind of gruesome or gross, it's actually a really happy thing, a feel-good thing. It is an amazing process. I'm kind of freaked out, though, because...I mean, this is crazy to me. It's pimple popping."

If you thought that someone popping zits live on TV was a sign of the impending collapse of civilisation, then you're probably right.

Has the time come to pop each others zits and feast on the goo inside?

Featured Image Credit: Spin Master

Mike Wood

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