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Germany have set up a website to encourage people to have safe, consensual sex with their residents.

It's pretty strange, and several news outlets are reporting different things. Some are saying that the website has been set up to encourage tourists to have sex with their residents, others are saying that it's an educational tool for refugees who've been in Germany for a while. Hmm.

Either way, it's a bit weird. And it seems to suggest that grown men and women don't know what masturbation is despite the fact that pretty much every single person on planet Earth has touched themselves since they were a teenager.

The website was created by the German Federal Centre for Health Education for the hefty sum of more than £110,000.

You can check out the website here, but I warn you... it's awkward.

Germany Sex Manual

Image credit: Zanzu

I just found a section called: 'Reasons To Have Sex'. Oh my God.

"You can have sex for different reasons. For example, because you want to:

"have children;

"experience sexual pleasure;

"express love and other feelings;

"experience intimacy;


The ellipsis at the end of 'relax' is particularly hilarious.


Anyway, the website is available in 12 languages, including English, French and Arabic. According to The Local, the website was designed to 'give migrants who have been in Germany for a short time, the opportunity to inform themselves on sexual and reproductive health.'

So you can see where the confusion has arisen. That could apply to refugees and tourists?

Other advice included on the site is for women (what about blokes?!) to 'not swallow' after performing oral sex on a man.

There is some serious stuff, too, and it talks a lot about sexual violence. It says: 'sexual coercion, sexual abuse, and rape', are crimes, and anyone who commits them will be 'severely punished for it'.

Anything to help educate people on sex is good, I guess. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image credit: Zanzu

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