Twitter Reacts To Donald Trump Being The President Of The USA

So, have you noticed that Donald Trump won the US presidential race? Just in case you're unaware, he did. Sorry for the spoilers.

I'm not going to tell to you how he did it - it's pretty obvious, and Jeremy Clarkson got straight to the point when explaining it - he got more points than Clinton.

Obviously, it wasn't just Clarkson tweeting about the outcome of the election. In fact, every part time politics lover came out of the woodwork.

Here's every type of person who's been tweeting as it looked like Trump was going to win and his subsequent victory.

'The Sentimentalist'

The 'Incredibly Happy Person'

The 'Incredibly Angry Person'

Heard this before.

Let's have a look at a couple more of them...

The 'I'm Bloody Delighted Lot'

Short but sweet.

Take that!

The 'Lad Who Thinks He Can Relate It To Something'

Nope, not that much of a surprise.

The 'Really Angry Quizzical Type'

Not you? You?

The Celebrity...

Hi, I'm Lady Gaga. I'm going to put people off Hillary Clinton, and make them connect more with Donald Trump.

Fame Monster my arse.

The angry 'Who Is Actually Voting For Him Person'

Quite a lot of people actually, duck. In fact, more than Hillary Clinton.

The 'I'm Gonna Get Deep Type'

Deep, like 1984.

The 'Have A Very Odd Twitter Hame Type'

There such a thing as Italians for Trump!

The 'Holding Onto Hope Type'

And a couple more celebrities before the election result, being annoying.

The 'Here's World War Three Type'

Been watching too many films, Jason?

This is going to be interesting day.

Video Credit: Ruptly

Featured image credit: PA/The Grand Tour

Patrick Hulbert

Tottenham Hotspur will win the league.

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