Friends Go For First Spray Tan And Come Out Bright Green

Two girls got more than they bargained for when they went in for a spray tan.

Understandably, Laura Denton and Rosie Berry, both 29 and from Northallerton, North Yorkshire, went to the tanning salon with the idea that they would come out, well, more tanned.

Instead, they came out looking like the Incredible Hulk - after an error by the salon left them bright green.

Laura and Rosie in more normal circumstances. Credit: Caters News Agency
Laura and Rosie in more normal circumstances. Credit: Caters News Agency

I'll let Laura explain just how she ended up looking a little more Bruce Banner than she would have liked.

"We decided to treat ourselves to our first ever spray tan, and we were so excited," she said.

"The salon told us that they were going to be using a new brand of tan, and that it may leave our skin a slightly different colour but it would only be subtle.

"When we got out of the tanning rooms we looked at each other, and it was definitely not a subtle colour."

Credit: Caters News Agency
Credit: Caters News Agency

The tan might not have gone as planned, but at least Laura could see the funny side.

"I looked like a female Hulk - I was bright green, it was a shame it wasn't Halloween and we weren't dressing up," she joked.

"Trying not to panic, me and Rosie, who was a dark shade of brown, linked arms and ran to the car so we could get home and shower.

"But it took well over 45 minutes in a boiling hot shower to even start to get the tan off - but I wasn't leaving getting out still green.

"Eventually the tan did come off, and we were left as pasty as we were in the first place which was pretty gutting."

Still, better than green for sure.

"Whenever I tell my friends about our fake tan nightmare, they think I'm being dramatic for effect," added Laura.

"But then when I show them the photo, they want to know which tan it was so they can avoid it - but they all think it's hilarious.

"After we complained to the salon, they offered us a free spray tan as compensation - but as you can imagine, we declined.

"Now I use fake tan and apply it myself, and if I ever go for a spray tan I'm very cautious to make sure I won't go green again!"

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Mike Wood

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