Couple Fuming About Road Sign That Sends Drivers ‘Straight Into Their Front Room’

A rather poorly placed road sign has been causing havoc over in Hull by directing drivers right into the front room of a disgruntled couple's house.

Ken Triffitt and his wife, Marilyn, are at their wits' end thanks to the chaos caused by the sign, which was put up by housing development company Keepmoat Homes a few weeks ago, urging drivers to turn left at their property.

The sign in question. Credit: Hull Daily Mail
The sign in question. Credit: Hull Daily Mail

After all, they'd only just moved into the house on Greek Street, and already the sign has sent cars 'straight into their front room', according to the Hull Daily Mail. It's not what you want when you're just trying to enjoy a cuppa and a few episodes of Friends.

The couple are fuming about the incorrectly placed sign, the newspaper reports.

"It's a good 50ft away from the junction it's meant for, and instead drivers are pulling straight into our front room instead," said 68-year-old Ken.

"People are constantly pulling onto our drive because they think that is the road, and having to brake before to not go right through our window."

"It's all the time."

You can almost taste the frustration, which reached new heights when the pair complained to the company. Apparently, Keepmoat has said the sign is situated according to Hull City Council standards and so is not breaching any rules.

Marilyn and Ken have been left distraught by the placement of the sign. Credit: Hull Daily Mail
Marilyn and Ken have been left distraught by the placement of the sign. Credit: Hull Daily Mail

Ken added: "Keepmoat are refusing to have any acknowledgement that this sign is too far away from the junction, and they are not willing to have a conversation with us about it being moved.

"It's got to the point where I have started to turn the sign around, but Keepmoat told me I would be prosecuted by the council for abusing highways property.

"I have been told this sign is here forever, and I'm not putting up with cars speeding into my front room all the time."

Despite his complaints, Keepmoat has maintained its stance on the matter.

A spokesman for Keepmoat Homes told the Hull Daily Mail: "We appreciate resident's concerns over positioning of the diversion sign outside [the home in] Greek Street, and we have investigated the situation to ensure that the sign is in the correct position in accordance to Hull City Council's approved layout.

"During an inspection of the site, we were made aware that a few cars had mistakenly turned directly onto the driveway of [the home in] Greek Street, and we advised [the] resident that we were unable to move the sign and that any instances of vehicles turning onto their private property should be reported to the relevant authorities."

Furthermore, a spokesman for the local authority said: "Hull City Council has reviewed the installation of the sign and can confirm that it has been correctly positioned in accordance with Department for Transport guidance and industry standards."

Case closed? We think not - after all, Ken did warn: "I'm not prepared to sit and look at this sign all day."

Something tells us this is not the last we've heard from Ken, Marilyn and their ongoing dispute with Keepmoat and Hull City Council. Watch this space.

Featured Image Credit: Hull Daily Mail

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