Are you a uni student too prone to the slacker life in a world of knuckle-downers and try-hards? Someone who prefers not to roll up to lectures first thing in a morning but roll biftas? Good work, chief. You keep doing you because one survey shows that smoking weed every day helps achieve better grades.

The survey in question was undertaken by Inhale Labs (I know) and found that, essentially, if people smoke weed they're less likely to suffer hangovers, therefore making them capable of getting out of bed without wanting to scream and poo everywhere.

Founder and CEO on Inhale Labs (which is worth pointing out has a pretty nice website), Mike Hunter, said: "As part of Inhale Labs' Cannabis in College study, a series of surveys shows that daily or near-daily marijuana use among college students is accelerating faster than ever before, reaching 10.1 percent in 2016, up from 5.9 percent just two years ago.


"The survey found that students who admitted to caning weed every day actually had a higher GPA (grade point average) than non-smokers." He continued: "The survey also found that the average GPA of daily marijuana users in college was 3.2, higher than the overall national average of 3.1."

Now, unfortunately, my uni days are past me, but that doesn't mean I can't experiment here in the office. Let me get back to you.

Josh Teal

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