China has been known in recent years to think outside the box.

Firstly, we had the elevated bus, which moved over cars in order not to disturb the traffic on the road.

A design, which looks half tram, half bus, is purpose-built to help increase road space and reduce traffic - on roads which are already stretched in the world's most heavily populated country.

Credit: Barcroft

And now comes another revolutionary step in their modernisation.

Chongqing, nicknamed Mountain City due to its location, is a city in the south-east of the country which has a population of 49 million; for scale that's about 6 times bigger than London and New York.

It means urban planners must think creatively, and boy, they don't half.

Initially, reading the headline of 'train goes through flats' can prompt fears of a disaster. Not to be.

The railway station is built into, yes INTO, the block of houses - in between the sixth and eight floors.

Credit: YouTube/An Reggae

Now instantly you're thinking about the noise.

While nursing a hangover at 9am on a Saturday morning, the last thing you want is a train steaming through your flat.

Well, no panic. Engineers have muffled the noise using specialist equipment and the sound of the train is designed to be as disturbing as the noise from a dishwasher.

The radical move means that planners didn't have to reduce the building to rubble to make way for the tracks.

A city transport spokesman said: "Our city is very heavily built upon and that can make finding room for roads and railways lines a real challenge."

The benefits must be endless if you live on the floors above. You could time it perfectly to see the train approaching and then jump down the stairs and straight on the platform.


Featured Image Credit: Youtube/An Reggae

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