Ed Sheeran brought audiences to tears last night after emotional scenes were shown of him saving some little boys in Liberia.

He met a little kid called JD and his five friends while filming for Comic Relief. They were living in the slums of Liberia, and Ed was moved by their emotional stories.

JD dreamed of becoming president, but was sleeping rough. The boys were being 'raped' by the older boys while on the streets.

Credit: Twitter/BBC

He was in the African country on behalf of Comic Relief. After speaking to JD, he found out that the boy owned one set of clothes and he slept in a boat on the beach. It was here where the 'rapes' and 'beatings' took place by older boys.

Tragically, he and his friends survived on just a cup of water and a piece of bread every day.

The plight of the kids clearly got to him.

In the video, he says: "Really does not feel right leaving at all. I mean, the only thing you can do is help them, which we should.

"My natural instinct is to just put them in a car and just take them and just put them in a hotel until we can get them sorted."


Ed Sheeran Brought To Tears After Visiting Africa For Comic Relief

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"Can we do that? Can I pay to put them in a house until we get them in a school?

"It doesn't matter how much it costs can we just get him and his five mates in a house with an older person to look after them?"

He then added: "I don't think we can go until that's sorted."

Credit: BBC

Comic Relief has now confirmed that JD and his friends are now safe thanks to Ed's generosity.

They said: "JD & his friends, who Ed Sheeran met, are now safe but many more children still live in danger. Help us help them."

It's unclear if they're yet in school, but their lives are infinitely better thanks to Ed.

What a LAD.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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