How good would it be if you knew a Chaser and you could drag them down the pub to do the quiz? Can you imagine the faces of everyone else when you rocked up with Shaun Wallace or Mark Labbett in tow? How long do you think before you'd get banned?

Sadly, it's unlikely you'll ever strike up a friendship with one of the formidable Chasers, however, you can attempt to emulate them by copying their brain-training techniques.

Appearing on This Morning, Shaun Wallace and Anne Hegerty spoke about how they manage to fit so much stuff into their brains.

Credit: The Morning/ITV

It's sort of reassuring to find out that they put in a hell of a lot of effort, isn't it? Makes it feel like if I was a bit less lazy, I'd have a half decent shot at beating one of them.

Shaun tells Ruth and Eamonn that as well as appearing on The Chase and working full-time as a barrister he also spends three hours a night studying: watching TV quiz shows, reading newspapers and books. Fuck that. When does he sleep?


"No information is useless information," Shaun says. Isn't it, though? I know all the words to 'Mambo Number Five', but honestly, is that ever going to serve me in real life?

He also reckons, as long as you're interested in something you'll remember it, which seems fair enough, and it does explain why I have an encyclopedic knowledge of the Domino's menu.

Anne on the other hand said she keeps her quiz-brain sharp by going online to research things she doesn't already know about. She credits having a naturally good memory for her strong knowledge skills.


She also said she takes part in quizzes, so Anne, if you're reading this, what are you doing Thursday night? There's a quiz in The Standard, if you fancy it?

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