From sour cream and onion to BBQ, everybody has a favourite Pringles flavour.

And chances are you probably eat them in one of two ways: pile them up and shove them in your mouth - or - you create 'duck lips' with them.

But, according to the brand itself, there is only one way to eat them to make the most of the flavour.

It turns out that only one side of a Pringle is covered in seasoning, while the other is left bare.

Yes, sometimes the flavouring rubs off on the unseasoned side, but the makers only sprinkle one of the sides, which is why they may appear uneven.

That means if you want to maximise the flavour hit, you should eat a Pringle with the convex side facing up.

Effectively, put it in your mouth as if it was to fit nicely in line with the roof of your mouth.

The concave, dipped, side, has little seasoning on it, so won't taste as good.

Credit: PA

A Pringles spokesman told The Sun: "Many people think that Pringles are seasoned on both sides. In fact, only the top side gets a sprinkling of seasoning in the factory.

"When Pringles are stacked in their can, someone the seasoning rubs off onto the next chip - which is why they've always been a little uneven."

If you're not a big flavour muncher then, yeah, it's better to eat with the curved bit facing down - and it's also the best way if you're dipping into salsa.

Recently, McVities threw their hat into the top-or-bottom ring, by saying that they coat their biscuits on the bottom.

In a reply to a post on their Facebook page, McVities wrote back to so say their Hobnobs go 'through a reservoir of chocolate, so it's on the bottom!' Jesus. Minds blown.

Another debate in regards to Pringles went to the High Court nine years ago. Pringles, although so commonly found in the crisp aisle, aren't actually crisps. Mr Justice Warren made the decision due to their 'unnatural shape' and that they are less than 50% potato content.

The decision actually helped the company who make them, now Kellogg's, as it means that VAT does not have to paid on them.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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