Amazing Pictures Reveal Life Inside An Amazon Tribe


Here in the UK, if we find ourselves in need of a snack we pop to the local and pick up a lasagne ready meal or, if we can't even be arsed moving, order food to come to us.

In the rainforests of eastern Ecuador, the Huaorani people don't have such luxury, instead having to go out and hunt their grub.

And their grub isn't a microwavable pasta dish, let me tell you. It's monkeys.

Image: Pete Oxford/Media Drum World

Image: Pete Oxford/Media Drum World

Afters years of survival on nothing but their own wits, this tribe will hide in trees and prey on the primates, who they then kill with blowpipes loaded with poisonous darts.

Because there are only around 4,000 Huaorani people, the inbreeding and tree-climbing have made them develop particularly flat feet, which often have six toes.

Although monkey is their jam, the tribe also adds peccary pigs into their diet, alongside the herbs and plants picked by the women.

Image: Pete Oxford/Media Drum World

Image: Pete Oxford/Media Drum World

They are located nearby the Rio Napo, which flows into the famous Amazon in Peru.

British picture-snapper Pete Oxford said they are "highly in tune with their environment."

Image: Pete Oxford/Media Drum World

Image: Pete Oxford/Media Drum World

"Today they face radical change to their culture to the proximity of oil exploration within their territory and the Yasuni National Park and Biosphere Reserve, they are vastly changed," he added.

"They still largely hunt with blow pipes and spears, eating a lot of monkeys and peccaries.

"In my lifetime, the world has witnessed a massive shrinking in world cultures and indigenous knowledge. We are all homogenising to the same thing. To me that is distressing.

"One of my greatest joys is spending time with people unlike myself. I am very conscious that when I visit a "foreign" tribe it is I, not them, who are foreign."

In a world so advanced, it's always amazing to gaze into the traditional lives of local rainforest tribes.

Featured Image Credit: Pete Oxford/Media Drum World

Josh Teal

Josh Teal is a journalist at LADbible. He has contributed to the 'Knowing Me, Knowing EU' and 'UOKM8?' campaigns interviewing everyone from student drug dealers to climate change activists.

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