Anyone who fancies having a baby this year should probably be doing it tonight as it seems to do the trick for pretty everyone else.

According to statistics, January 2, at 10:36pm, is the most common time of the year to conceive.

It's even been marked 'National Baby-Making Day' by fertility experts, after realising that the UK's most popular birthday is September 26 - 38 weeks away - and putting two-and-two together to conclude that January 2 is the night for you if you're ready for sensible drinking and sleepless nights!

Channel Mum asked 2,139 couples, the majority of whom concurred that the second day of the new year is usually synonymous with gettin' down as 'the drinking and partying is over' and they wanna take advantage of the last bit of holiday they have left before returning to work. 71% of those surveyed said they had had sex around this time.

In related news, NYE was voted the top night to have recreational sex, with 70% of voters admitting to- hang on... this is inconvenient. Em Rata just text me asking when I finish work and for me to 'come over asap'?

Whatever. Right, I'm gonna get off then I suppose. See you all tomorrow.

Featured image credit: PA

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