Clever People Require More Attempts To Pass Driving Test, Study Reveals

If you were of those people at school who did the Duke of Edinburgh, took part in extra-curricular PE activities, had one of those translucent zip-up folders that had all of your work organised into separate pockets and passed your driving test first time, you probably thought you were pretty fucking clever.

However, a new study has shown that the rest of us, who were shit at all that stuff, might not be quite so thick after all.

Research conducted by Privilege DriveXpert suggests that intelligent people are likely to take multiple attempts at passing their driving test - which makes me one of the greatest minds of modern times.

driving test
driving test

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The data is based on analysis of 1,564 people with a full British driving licence and appears to show a link between a driver's qualifications, IQ, professional standing and their chance of passing their test first time.

What's more, the better you are at passing school and college exams, the shitter you are likely to be at driving. Experts believe that this could be because drivers with more academic minds may over-think the challenge they are facing, compared to people who have a more hands-on approach.

The study found that 59 percent of drivers with no qualifications pass first time - taking on average 1.7 attempts to gain their full driving licence.

However, only 50 percent of those with GCSEs or equivalent manage to pass their driving tests first time, with 1.8 attempts on average.

Interestingly, only 39 percent of business owners passed their test on the first go and were three times more likely to have taken it four or more times.

L plate
L plate

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The Privilege DriveXpert report notes: "Failing a driving test first time can feel like a major set-back for a new driver.

"But our research has shown a link between qualifications and professional position held and the number of times it takes a person to pass their practical driving test. Those with no qualifications more likely to pass first time."

It looks like the subjects you study could also have a role to play, with those studying in areas related to the arts passing their tests the quickest.

Dr Lee Hadlington, senior lecturer in Psychology at De Montfort University said: "Those who don't have formal academic qualifications could be in roles that rely more heavily on procedural skills like motor control and hand-eye co-ordination, hence may be better suited to activities like passing a driving test."

So, if it did take you more than a few goes to pass, don't sweat it.

Charlotte Fielding, head of Privilege DriveXpert said: "Passing first time isn't the be-all and end-all of driving ability as many of the main skills we need to equip ourselves for our driving careers are learned over the years as our experience on the roads builds.

"This research demonstrates a link with academic and professional success and passing the driving test."

Words: Paddy Maddison

Featured Image Credit: PA

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