For the next month or so, medium meals get upgraded to large, you go for a McFlurry when you don't need one, and you're overloaded with free apple pies and coffees.

Yes, it's McDonald's Monopoly.

But, one burger fan is about to up the competition. He's shared a way of bagging three stickers... for free!

The trick? Simply ask for a large cup of tap water. On the cup are three stickers and they can't charge you for it.

Presenter Ryan Swain posted the trick to his Facebook page - although the idea has been around since last year when Liam Elsey tweeted the idea.

It's pretty much law that tap water should be provided free of charge for customers, although, as with anything viral, we expect McDonald's to be alert pretty quick to this and may try to prevent it.

Still, if it works, then expect you and your mates to be wrestling over that Park Lane, Oxford Circus or Old Kent Road.

McDonald's appears rapidly to become the subject of the life hack.

There are ways to get the highest-quality meal without changing much...

Ask for chips without salt - they'll have to wipe everything down and give you a fresh batch. Probably won't make you very popular with staff, though.

It's the same for burgers pretty much, take one ingredient out and everything has to be made fresh to order. Yeah, as above.

Asking for an 'uplift hash brown' can knock 50p off your bill too.

Whatever your decision, expect your morals to be tested, your loyalty to be questioned and your waistline to expand when it McDonald's Monopoly returns on March 22.

Featured Image Credit: McDonald's

Michael Minay

I may not drink a brew, but I make a mean cuppa!

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