Son Of Gangster Family Says Mobster's 50 Year Prison Sentence Was 'Too Long'

Last week, after 50 years in prison, one of America's most notorious gangsters was released at the tender age of 100.

Jonny 'Sonny' Franzese was banged-up for half a century after a bank robbery, and admitted to killing 60 people - although this was never proven.

He was part of the Colombo's - a crime family that is the youngest of the 'five families' that dominate the organised crime scene in New York.

Franzese is in the centre. Credit: PA

Franzese was the underboss after the third 'war' between the rival factions. One of those was the Gambino family, headed by John Gotti.

Now, Gotti's son, Junior, who took over the Gambino crime family once his father was also imprisoned, has spoken out about the treatment of Franzese and the decision to release him from prison, 50 years on. It's not as if the mobsters already have enough beef with the federals as it is.

"The government should be ashamed of themselves for holding [Franzese] that long," Gotti said.

"Most civilised countries have a compassionate release program. The US system rarely gives you that compassionate release unless you're a rat."

Junior Gotti. Credit: PA

Junior pointed out that, by releasing elderly prisoners, the American government could save money as "taxpayers would no longer have to support them."

The two, Gotti Jr. and Franzese, were known to each other, with the former saying he went to the prison to visit the latter a 'few' times.

Junior's issues with the federals stem from the fact his dad, as he describes, was kept inside "until his last breath."

He added: "In the case of Sonny Franzese, he was not doing a life sentence. He was doing a 7-year sentence. He was wheelchair bound. It's vindictiveness on the part of the government."

Franzese, was sentenced for repeat offending throughout his life. Upon the last time he was released, in 2010, his freedom was cut short when he was caught shaking down strip clubs and a pizzeria.

Credit: United States Marshal Service

He claimed that the best way to get rid of a body, despite never being found guilty of murder, was to dry the body out in a microwave and grind them up in the garbage disposal. In fact, it was his ability to make bodies 'disappear' that prosecutors say is the reason he never faced charges of any other nature.

It's believed Franzese is now living with his daughter in Brooklyn. The New York Post reported knocking on the door of the suspected house, where a woman answered, and said: "It's a joy to have him back. He's old. He's spending time with his family."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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