There's Now A Scientific Reason Why You Should Go Down On Your Girlfriend

Apparently there's now no reason for you to not go down on a girl.

When I say that, I'm talking about in a consented context. You shouldn't just go down on every girl you see on your way to pick up milk from Tesco.

Medical Daily suggests women might have evolved to stay with partners who are cunning linguists.


How is fellatio of any kind conducive to evolution? Well with blowjobs, for example, research has shown that swallowing spunk could potentially reduce preeclampsia, a life-threatening pregnancy-related condition. This can, in turn, boost chances of successfully carrying a pregnancy to term, which has obvious benefits for the species.

As for cunnilingus, it's a bit more complex.

Medical Daily references a 2013 study of 243 men in long-term heterosexual partnerships:

True love.
True love.

This guy's doing it wrong.

"The research showed that men who were most likely to report getting their partner to orgasm during oral sex were more likely to think their woman was sought after by other men. Therefore, the more eager men are to please partners believed to have better options the more likely they may be to perform cunnilingus to keep their mates from cheating."

In brief, if you're really good at getting a woman off, she's less likely to cheat on you.

Obviously, relationships do not completely depend on the state of foreplay, but you might wanna twice about your game in the future.

Words by Josh Teal

Josh Teal

Josh Teal is a journalist at LADbible. He has contributed to the 'Knowing Me, Knowing EU' and 'UOKM8?' campaigns interviewing everyone from student drug dealers to climate change activists.

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