No matter where you are in the U.K., there's a chance that you're going to wake up to eight inches of snow tomorrow.

Might as well start pretending to have a cough now so that when you call in sick tomorrow it's much more believable.


The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning as it predicts bitter winds and sub-zero conditions. Apparently, the snow could fall "anywhere in the country" - which country I'm not sure, as it incorporates anywhere in the UK.

You better wrap up warm, as winds from the North Pole could spark temperatures as low as -10C (14F). Shit the bed!

Emma Sharples, Met Office meteorologist, told The Sun that winds could reach speeds of up to 55mph and snow could cause "some blizzard type conditions, especially at height."

They're also expecting 'thundersnow' which is basically thunder and the same time as snow funnily enough. I don't think I've ever seen that before but it sounds cool as fuck and would be a great setting for a heavy metal music video.

When asked about the phenomenon, Emma said: "It is possible, all that really needs is for thunder to happen at the same time as the snow.

"So where you get very active or vigorous showers - which is what we are going to see - then we could well get some thunder as well. It is definitely possible."

The Met Office has said that "lightning may accompany the heaviest showers, with potential disruption to power supplies as a consequence."

Emma concluded by saying: "We are looking at low single figures, 2C to 5C by day, and then overnight it will vary across the country.

"But where there is snow lying it could be heading towards double minus figures, -8 or -10C especially in towns and cities, and probably in the north of England and Scotland."

If it snows in Manchester, let's have a snow fight.

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