Free Solo Climber Risks Life Scaling Cliffs With No Safety Equipment

When it comes to exhilarating outdoorsy stuff, there are two types of people. Those who seek the adrenaline, kitting themselves out in all the relevant gear, getting excited to do whatever it is that gets their pulse racing.

Then there's those who, quite simply, say "fuck that."

The people who fall into the latter category see no need to leave the comfort of their sofas in order to "push their bodies to the limit," as several packs of crisps, eight cans of lager and a Chinese takeaway is enough to do that.

Matt Bush isn't one of those people. He's more of the kind to put himself in ridiculously dangerous positions on the sides of cliffs.

Credit: Media Drum World

The Free Solo climber has been photographed by South African photographer Jacques van Zyl as he scales huge cliff faces without safety equipment.

"Matt is one of the most talented climbers I have ever met," van Zyl said. "It must be obvious by now that Matt has an incredible mental ability to stay calm and focused even when death seems to be knocking at the door but he is also extremely talented physically.

"I personally think if he wanted to, he could match or more the hardest climbing grades in the world. So now you can just imagine what else is possible for somebody like Matt."

Matt can be seen hanging from cliffs miles and miles in the air by just one hand, something that'll go down a treat on Instagram, but it's more than just something for likes on social media.

Credit: Media Drum World

For the Matt climbing is his passion, and something he's been training himself to become very good at his entire life. He takes it very seriously, and says there is only one mind set you can be in to do this sort of thing.

"He is very meticulous and only sets out when he feels he is completely and honestly ready. I told Matt once I'll solo climb something when I am 95% sure I can do the climb flawlessly and leave 5% for the adventure," van Zyl says. "Matt looked at me rather disgusted and said he would never solo climb a route like that and I should not either.

"He carried on by saying that he only solo climbs a route when he felt he is 120% ready and so leaves no element to chance."

Credit: Media Drum World

Oddly, plummeting to the ground below isn't the only danger that befalls climbers, as Matt has reportedly been attacked by two Jackal buzzards and once had a snake pop out of a crack he was using for grip.

So, what you reckon? Getting down to Go Outdoors to buy yourself some Lycra and a helmet? Or are you going to carry on eating rubbish and watching Love Island?

Nothing wrong with either, in my opinion.

Featured Image Credit: Media Drum World

Mark McGowan

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