Apple Patents Technology That Stops Morons Filming At Concerts

Is there anything worse in the entire world than forking out £40 for a gig ticket to see one of your favourite bands only to get there and be subjected to a moron standing in front of you with his or her arms in the air filming the whole thing? I think not.

I get people want to get a few pictures of their idols on stage to look back at (and brag about on Facebook) but, really, what is the point in going if you're going to watch the performance through your phone screen? Like just stay at home and wait for the DVD, pal.

Adele recently paused one of her gigs to ask a fan to put down his camera and watch her with his own eyes instead of through a camera lens. "Could you stop filming me with that video camera?" she said. "Because I'm really here in real life, you can enjoy it in real life rather than through your camera." I hear you, Adele, love. It does my swede in.

Well, it looks like it could hopefully be a thing of the past because Apple is working on technology that could disable photo and video functionality at events. Can I get a woop woop?


The tech giant won approval from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office yesterday for a patent it applied for in 2009. It related to its cameras and their interaction with infrared signals.

As Pitchfork explains: "In some cases, the device could use the infrared data to show a user information related to a nearby object, such as an exhibit in a museum. In other cases, the device could use the infrared data to disable the device's recording functions. As an example, the patent includes an illustration of a band performing onstage as a camera screen shows the text "RECORDING DISABLED."

Apparently, it would look a little something like this...


Credit: Apple

Not only will the technology help prevent copyright infringement, it could also stop people from ruining gig experiences. So it's a win win.

Please make this happen, Apple.

Words by Sian Broderick

Sian Broderick

Sian is the Junior Editor of Pretty52. She loves crap telly, anything leopard print, and never leaves the house without her gold hoops.

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