Father With Daughter's Dying Puppy Turned Away From Vet

Most pet owners will do whatever it takes to make sure their animal companions are kept healthy.

It doesn't matter how many trips to the vet there are; even something as trivial as a cough means they'll be back there - some are probably on first-name terms with the staff.

Basically, some people probably know the vet better than their own doctor.

There's always one tricky issue, however, and that's payment. A father from Liverpool has told the story of how a team of veterinarian professionals let his daughter's puppy die because he didn't have enough money on him to pay for treatment.

Podge Sweeney took the dog to PDSA (People's Dispensary for Sick Animals) in the city's Page Moss district, and was told he'd need to pay at least £80 ($104) for it to be looked at, or £119 ($154) to treat him.

Sadly he only had £35 ($45) on him, but told them he'd get the money. Sadly, by then the chance to save his princess' puppy had gone.

He wrote on Facebook: "My benefit is not eligible to cover the treatment I only ad £35 odd in me pocket so I couldn't pay it they turned me away me puppy died right outside there in my arms an they still left me I was buzzing the buzzer an all they wanted was fuckin money the dirty bastards [sic].

"Tow do I teĺl my little princess her puppy as died y is money everything to people money isn't everything I told them I'd get the money an they didn't care now look wots happened me poor little pup as died.

"To everyone who as a sick pet DO NOT GO TO THE PDSA IN PAGE MOSS COZ THEY CHARGE AN IF YA AVNT GOT THE MONEY THEY'LL LET YA PET DIE so heartbroken right now."

Podge included a picture of himself holding the dog, visibly upset at what was happening.

Most comments on his post, which has been shared over 20,000 times, were condemning the vets in support of him. However, other people said that if he couldn't afford to look after a pet, he shouldn't have bought it.

He replied to some of the comments, saying he can afford it but just didn't have that amount of money in his pocket at the time, not expecting to have to pay that much to prevent his dog from dying.

"Look av (sic) got money I ad to grab the dog an rush down there I only ad 35 pound on me left me bank card in the house so trolls use r not getting to me use r just d***heads first thing I thought of was gettin the dog help," he replied to one comment.

Credit: Google Maps

A PDSA spokesperson told Mirror Online: "We are aware of the extremely sad case this weekend involving the puppy and extend our deepest sympathies to the owner.

"We want to reassure everyone that if any pet owner rings or attends one of our Pet Hospitals or a Vets Now emergency clinic - or indeed any vet - with a pet in need of emergency care, they will always be offered to be seen and provided with emergency treatment.

"With the limited information we have for this particular case, we have checked all of our call logs and spoken to the vet team members on duty over the weekend.

"As far as we are currently able to tell, the correct processes for all those who contacted us over the weekend were followed.

"However, if something has gone wrong, we want to know. In order that we can complete our investigation fully and gather all of the facts, we are trying to make contact with the owner for more information."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Google Maps

Mark McGowan

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